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In an ever-evolving healthcare system,
Med-Tech Medical Billing's
locally outsourced medical billing services
are a brilliant solution for:

Physicians • Group Practices • Medicaid Waiver Providers • Medical Clinics • Surgeons • Pediatricians • Chiropractors • Radiologists
• Diagnostic Labs • Diagnostic Ultrasound • Ambulance Services • Outpatient Surgical Centers
• Other professions needing or using medical billing services...

Med-Tech Medical Billing is ready and able to professionally provide these specialized services for you:
Electronic (or paper) claim submission*
Correction and resubmission of claims*
Claims information verification
Claims tracking
Claims follow-up
Claims resolution
Payment posting
Patient statement
Patient billing
Patient ledgers

Weekly and monthly Practice Management Reports
On-call retained consulting to solve billing issues

We offer a complete management of the billing cycle,
tremendous benefitsfor your practice.

*While offered in our comprehensive package, these services are for you if you wish to keep your current medical billing in place. We will ensure your billing efficiency is complete and tidy. (Increased profit margins, anyone?)

Fees are based on a flat rate, revenue percentage, or on a per claim basis.

"Efficient, Affordable, Reliable."
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